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About James
A little background on this passionate dad & his 4 Superheros.


James is a passionate dad with his superhero team of Lily, River, Pebble and Mom. Mom is holding the camera.

They are all a critical component that makeup James’s drive and ability to study and find solutions to the problems associated with nnEMF. As a result of his passion and support, he holds numerous national awards and successes in Magistrate and High Court.

His area of expertize are:

  • Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome (EMFIS) recovery and rehabilitation
  • Disability, insurance and labour claims
  • Policy development
  • EMF geospatial modelling
  • Medical
  • Legal procedures
  • nnEMF Hygiene
  • Coaching & rehabilitation: gaining control and order over your EMFIS
  • Integration into society as best as possible
  • Public talks

James thesis

In his thesis, an almost Herculean task: first to develop a geospatial model of exposure to various pollutant emissions from sources of EMFs of special interest; second to establish a framework under which exposure patterns can be mapped into potential health risks for the public; and third to demonstrate that results warrant a legislative public interest override (PIO) procedure to be established in order to gain systematic information about sources of exposure and measurement data. All these steps are complex and require knowledge from diverse fields such as dosimetry, wave propagation physics, geospatial modelling, epidemiology, medicine, risk analysis, legal procedures, finance, and informatics.

It goes without saying that a single person cannot perfectly cover all these diverse fields of science. However, by his examination results, James demonstrated a gain in sufficient knowledge in all these diverse fields to demonstrate, in principle, how such a task could be solved. He presented the use of a HYGEIA model used in forecasting the effects of environmental change on human health and human environment interactions. An innovative approach not yet been applied to the EMF issue. It makes use of the MIMES (multiscale integrated models of ecosystem services) framework and dynamic GIS modelling.

Current research focus on biological performance

In his thesis, James demonstrated the legislative qualifications for a public interest override function of ‘substances released into the environment’ and ‘public safety or environmental risk’. EMF radiation dosimetry scientific views and models suggest that even a tiny increase in the incidence of diseases resulting from exposure to EMF radiation could have broad implications for public health, social accounting and the economy. A review by the doj&cd reviews the research as a scientific standard for assessing the seriousness of the environmental impact of such radiation. He is currently consulting Parliament on drafting new legislation based on his research.

Using his academic knowledge and legal experiences he is now focusing on non-native EMF mitigation options that focuses on protection mechanism and enhancing biological performance through quantum biology. Using the fundamentals of physics to explain biology.

Cold Thermogenesis & Quantum Yoga