Welcome to the first episode of SuperDads on Niche Radio. 

What is the show all about?

I’m a work from home dad, who is an academic scientist in studies optimal environmental health, drawing input from multiple disciplines. A go-to guide for overall men’s / dad’s health, that being physical, emotional, sexual, physiological but to name a few. Using science to explain them. This being said, although my outlines on the subject are very detailed and specific I have to cover all aspects of ‘health’. The changes one can make impact one’s life as a whole. It certainly has and still continues to do so for me. As a man, I have had to evolve the way in which I do things, my last seven years has been spent with a forced health change that has had to ‘evolve’ daily, weekly, monthly and yearly through practice, understanding, mistakes, work, and study.

This first episode is my wife and I giving a brief history on me along with the idea for the show. I have some excited guests lined up and I look forward to sharing everything with you.