Derek Main from the National Alliance Against Cell Masts (NAACM). NAACM is also the Durban Anti-Cell Mast Alliance (Dacma) spearheaded by Niki Moore. A group of people from around South Africa who are alarmed at what seems to be an uncontrolled rolling out of cellular infrastructure for technology, the effects of which are not fully tested. In no way are we against technology and advancement; however, we strongly oppose the erection of cell masts in residential areas, near schools and in the vicinity of old-age homes. There is a growing unease about the effect of microwaves on people.

We would like to thank Wilma and Dave Miles of EMFSA (ep 4) who put us in touch with NAACM.

Derek’s efforts made it possible for us to have Adv. Carl Viljoen interview on ep 15.

NAACM is the next line in community groups banning together to stop the proliferation of illegal and unnecessary cell masts. NAACM would not be possible if it were not for the past and continued works of

Electromagnetic Radiation Research Foundation of SA – Tracey Lee-Dorny and Viki Benjamin

Strawberry Lane, EMRSA – Justine Hansen

EMFSA – Wilma and Dave Miles

P.S. there are many many more people involved in making these groups possible. I just listed the top spokesperson’s names and efforts, else this would be an essay of names.

NAACM’s concern is the extraordinary and concerning proliferation of cellular masts going up across the country. The technology behind cellular telephony is not easily understood by the layperson, and cellular companies are taking advantage of this lack of public awareness to mislead consumers in order to make more money.

The biggest problem for the public is that this technology has not been researched for its effect on people and the environment. Cellular companies are fully aware that their technology carries substantial risks to health, but they suppress this knowledge for financial gain.

This new phenomenon has been compared to the campaign by the tobacco lobby to suppress the health risks of smoking. And cellular emissions are being called ‘the new asbestos’ in that their impact on people might cause severe health effects that are not yet fully understood.

Consider also that when we say cell masts are harmful, we are not only referring to our health. Cell masts in residential areas certainly have an effect on property values and the saleability of your property.

What they need? For you to register and or join the cause.

Recently in their 11th Newsletter, they published the following information of interest:

In 2009 the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Protection (ICNIRP) published a document that summarised all the known research into the effects of Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation on the environment and humans.
Unlike all the other documentation on EMF on the ICNIRP website, this document is behind a paywall.  We managed to get hold of a copy, and discovered why the wireless industry is reluctant to make this document widely available.
The document covers 380 pages, and is extremely detailed and comprehensive.  The problem is not the document, the problem is that the conclusions in this document have been suppressed.
When the limits to EMF radiation were set, it is obvious that the warnings in this document were ignored.  
In order to bring a new dimension into the debate as to whether cell masts are harmful, we have read this report and summarised the most important aspects.

Copies of the referenced documents are available for download below: