It’s another brilliant episode covering the value of blue-blocking glasses and how they can be stylish. We had a fantastic prize give away courtesy of , however, sadly due to YouEssentials sending a defective pair of glasses and not replacing them, we are unable to give away the promised prize.

We are joined by the author of Swannies. A stylish way of blue-blocking glasses for day and night. James Swanwick is an Australian-American investor, TV and podcast host, former SportsCenter anchor on ESPN, dating and relationship coach and Hollywood correspondent. He is the creator of the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge and has interviewed celebrities including Brad Pitt, Angelia Jolie, George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger and world leaders, including US Vice President, Al Gore.

James Swanwick is a New York-based ESPN anchor on SportsCenter, author of ‘Insider Journalism Secrets’ and co-founder of an international agency, Crocmedia. He has been a print or TV journalist for 20 years, writing for newspapers and magazines in the US, UK and Australia. These include Associated Press, Sky Sports, ESPN, WPLJ radio, Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Sky Movie Channel, Q104FM, Loaded magazine, Woman’s Day, The Courier-Mail and much more.