James Lech
Consulting Scientist | Thought Leader

For the last decade, James has been working in the fascinating and evolving intersection of medicine, science and law. His work has spanned multiple fields: renewable energy and building biology; neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases; legislation and education.

An advisor to governmental bodies, architects, doctors, athletes and attorneys, James has an ability to see patterns across multidisciplinary facts and data. A vigorous intellectual, he then presents these patterns in novel ways to reveal trends, raise issues, identify opportunities and offer solutions. In short, he is a thought leader.

James’ work has centred on the development of new legislation, improving human performance in civilian and military settings, training medical practitioners, and improving medical services and facilities. His particular focus is finding and developing science-based solutions to the effects of increased exposure to non-ionizing radiation, including non-native electromagnetic fields (nnEMFs), infrared, optical and ultraviolet radiation.

Contracted by the South African government to model the potential effects of nnEMF on the population, his findings have been demonstrated in the country’s Equality, Magistrate and High Courts, as well as to the Human Rights Commission in South Africa. With support from the NRF-Nuffic partnership, James’ doctoral work is requested for submission to the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), as well as for inclusion in the Annual Report of the Netherlands to the World Health Organization (WHO).

His important work in this area is helping to set scientific standards for the assessment of the environmental and biological impacts of such radiation. James also has significant experience in the development of renewable energy projects, the manufacturing of wind turbines, return on investment feasibility studies, and large scale energy and data audits. This experience has allowed him to hone his interest in building designs that optimise the wellbeing of their inhabitants. This experience has also overlapped into the public health sector, where he has served as a consultant to various businesses, civil society organisations, community groups and government and international sectors.

James’ drive to continue learning keeps him on the cutting edge. He has an abundance of certificates and qualifications from esteemed institutions around the world. He is the recipient of numerous national awards, and frequently appears on television and in radio shows. He shares his expertise in the healthy development of children’s brains, intelligence and emotional wellbeing; improving your sex life and finding lasting love; animal wellness; and our nations’ obesity and diabetes epidemics. He is a host on VU Radio, Niche Radio and his own podcast, SuperDadsSouthAfrica.