ep 25 – part 1 of 4 – SuperDads – South African Judge orders Mast powered down on health reasons

The positive and negative health effects from non-native electromagnetic field (nnEMF) effects are real. This includes cell towers. The data has been published, numerous Nobel Prize Awards to explain it, however, the understanding of nnEMF and health in medicine is a cross-pollinating exercise between disciplines in connecting the dots. Most allopathic medicine lacks training in

ep 23 – SuperDads – James Swanwick – Swannies stylish blue-blocking glasses

It’s another brilliant episode covering the value of blue-blocking glasses and how they can be stylish. We had a fantastic prize give away courtesy of https://www.youressentials.co.za/ , however, sadly due to YouEssentials sending a defective pair of glasses and not replacing them, we are unable to give away the promised prize. We are joined by the author of Swannies.

ep 20 – SuperDads – Richard Hansler – the light professor

Richard Hansler is a retired biophysicist, and SuperDad of Four children: James, Mark, Stephen, Susan (Thomsen), and 10 grandchildren. In today’s episode, we talk about blue-light and blue light blocking technologies. These effective technologies are purchasable at https://lowbluelights.com/ref/26/ . It worthwhile checking out his many books, all informative and practical help to any parent out there. Interestingly,