SuperDads – ep 21 – Gerald Pollack – The 4th phase of water

This interview is fun and comical as I interview Albert Einstein’s “cousin”. Gerald Pollack maintains an active laboratory at the University of Washington in Seattle. The overriding philosophy of the laboratory is that science is essentially simple.” In this episode, we discuss his famous work, the 4th phase of water. This is vitally important to

Cold Therapy explanation – Biochemistry Animation

We recently held a Cold Therapy November charity event. It was amazing how with proper guidance during the class we had participants who have never been in ice before, who were not only able to hold the breath for 2 minutes but were able to be in the ice-filled cold pool with temperatures of 0

ep 20 – SuperDads – Richard Hansler – the light professor

Richard Hansler is a retired biophysicist, and SuperDad of Four children: James, Mark, Stephen, Susan (Thomsen), and 10 grandchildren. In today’s episode, we talk about blue-light and blue light blocking technologies. These effective technologies are purchasable at . It worthwhile checking out his many books, all informative and practical help to any parent out there. Interestingly,

ep 22 – SuperDads – Gábor Somlyai – Deuterium Depleted Water

Deuterium depleted water, a magic elixir found in the fountain of youth. In this episode, I discuss it’s amazing properties and clinical success results. Gábor Somlyai [ ] graduated as a biologist at József Attila University (now University of Szeged) in 1982. Between 1982 és 1990 he worked for the Department of Plant Pathology, Plant Protection

Chronobiology works – the proof is in the pudding

P.S. I know you haven’t been getting your regular radio podcast episodes. We are busy making changes to the show and re-structuring them in order to give you more practical enjoyment in some shorter episodes. Everyone is about the proof is in the pudding. Well, I love how seeing the sunrise every day creates a

ep 19 – SuperDads – Brian Stein – running a company with EHS

This episode is different from the previous. In this episode I have a further discussion into my guest, dissecting the causes and linked issues to his intolerance to non-native electromagnetic fields. What makes this episode interesting is that my guest Brian Stein has EHS (electro-hypersensitivity). Now retired, but he ran a billion Rand company with

ep 18 – SuperDads – Prof. Paul Héroux – a unified EMF theorem

Prof. Paul Héroux, is the Professor of Toxicology and Health Effects of Electromagnetism McGill University Medicine. Department of Surgery, McGill University Health Center and InVitroPlus Laboratory. His area of expertise is:  General toxicology, in vitro toxicology of metals. Health effects of electricity and electromagnetic fields. His department website [ ] It is where you can find some of

ep 17 – SuperDads – Derek Maine – National Alliance Again Cell Masts

Derek Main from the National Alliance Against Cell Masts (NAACM). NAACM is also the Durban Anti-Cell Mast Alliance (Dacma) spearheaded by Niki Moore. A group of people from around South Africa who are alarmed at what seems to be an uncontrolled rolling out of cellular infrastructure for technology, the effects of which are not fully

ep 16 – SuperDads – Matt Maruca – Ra Optics & the Light Diet

Matt Maruca is a student, entrepreneur, and teacher of optimal human health, and the Founder of Ra Optics, his first company to share information and create products that teach people to build health in the modern world. Ra Optics is focused specifically on Blue Light Blocking Glasses to protect our sleep/wake cycle, melatonin, repair quality,

ep 14 – SuperDads – Cheryllyn Dudley – Member of Parliament

Cheryllyn Dudley, shares with us, this landmarked Bill, that took 5 years to come into effect. It is a powerful breakthrough for all fathers out there (both natural and adopting). From all SuperDads and SuperDads listeners out there, we salute you. We also highlight why this Bill is even more critical with today’s nnEMF environment

Orange blue blocking glasses – R450 includes door-to-door delivery

They are not pretty but hey, they are affordable protection to helping you get one step closer to improving your circadian rhythm. Check out our other recommended product suppliers for a prettier looking pair. These are a great throw around pair in addition to your attractive pair and kids are able to use them too.

ep13 – SuperDads – Gary Kirwan – Co-founder of Biohackers Lab

Just a reminder that you can now also listen to episodes on Radio World Wide [  ] The show is aired weekly on Tuesdays @ 20:00. Gary Kirwan is a co-founder of Biohackers Lab. A website and health podcast that explores the world of biohacking and citizen scientist experiments people are doing to help improve their health

ep 12 – Super Dads – Fred Makgato – Head: Legal and Regulatory Affairs at ASA (Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa)

Just a reminder that you can now also listen to episodes on Radio World Wide [  ] The show is aired weekly on Tuesdays @ 20:00. Fred Makgato, the Head: Legal and Regulatory Affairs at the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa [ ASA ] [ ] since  2008. Admitted as an attorney of the High Court