ep 23 – SuperDads – James Swanwick – Swannies stylish blue-blocking glasses

It’s another brilliant episode covering the value of blue-blocking glasses and how they can be stylish. We had a fantastic prize give away courtesy of https://www.youressentials.co.za/ , however, sadly due to YouEssentials sending a defective pair of glasses and not replacing them, we are unable to give away the promised prize. We are joined by the author of Swannies.

ep 18 – SuperDads – Prof. Paul Héroux – a unified EMF theorem

Prof. Paul Héroux, is the Professor of Toxicology and Health Effects of Electromagnetism McGill University Medicine. Department of Surgery, McGill University Health Center and InVitroPlus Laboratory. His area of expertise is:  General toxicology, in vitro toxicology of metals. Health effects of electricity and electromagnetic fields. His department website [ http://www.invitroplus.mcgill.ca/ ] It is where you can find some of