Non-native electromagnetic fields (nnEMF) has a cascading non-linear impact. Dependent on time and duration of exposure to low levels nnEMF, published reviews science-based studies and regulatory bodies confirmed the capacity for biological effects and thus also the potential to cause a health hazard. This the classification of nnEMF radiation as biologically active derived from results of available laboratory investigations, animal and human experiments and is no longer seriously disputed by any scientific institution.

nnEMF have become ubiquitous, resulting in an increased risk of hazard conditions. In South Africa, there is no national protection standard for EMF in the categories of Statis, extremely-low or radio frequencies. Additionally, there is no national monitoring by a statutory body. There is a false sense of safety associated with lack of a standard and consequently lack of surveillance of exposures of the public. Because it cannot be denied that there is potential of harm from exposure to nnEMF, legally binding exposure standards have been established in many countries worldwide.

James was the first South African to be diagnosed with electromagnetic field intolerance syndrome (EMFIS) by the State, as a disability. He has also been in Equality, Magistrate and High Court on separate matters demonstrating nnEMF having the capacity for biological effects. He later received a scholarship from the South African government contracted to model the potential effects nnEMF has on the population. In his research, he demonstrated a public interest override function of ‘substances released into the environment’ and ‘public safety or environmental risk’ for nnEMF.

For nnEMFs, there are two options. Move to an isolated area or implement solutions to increasing your nnEMF adaptability. Taking supplements alone will not deliver results.

His consultancy expertise focuses not only on spatial planning, policy development and legislation but more importantly on mitigation options and solutions to improving the human body’s adaptive compensatory mechanisms to the negative effects of nnEMFs.

His areas of consultancy expertise are as follows:

  • Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome (EMFIS) recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Disability, insurance and labour claims.
  • Grounds for nnEMF conditions to be changed in your place of work or community.
  • Policy development.
  • nnEMF geospatial modelling.
  • Medical.
  • Legal procedures.
  • nnEMF Hygiene.
  • Residential and community estates on nnEMF infrastures.
  • Coaching & rehabilitation: gaining control and order over your EMFIS.
  • Integration into society as best as possible.
  • Public talks.