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Everyone is about the proof is in the pudding. Well, I love how seeing the sunrise every day creates a cognitive bias toward nature. It has an infectious effect on my family.
Alexa (my wife, nearly 7 months pregnant) has put together a special campaign to help get women enticed into Chronobiology.

By taking all women, and giving them a special photo shoot to experience how nature changes their beauty. Having employed Chronobiology, this third pregnancy she has been her slimmest (no dieting), actually eating more, no exercise, and the specialist 4D scan showed the healthiest out of all our children, and in the doctor’s practice.

If you want to learn and experience Chronobiology in a different way, I recommend booking a Real Women = Every Women campaign.

Seriously ladies, and husband, if your wife feels she is too overweight for the shoot, you would be surprised what this photographer can do, with NO Photoshopping at all.