7 min restriction in cold ice. This participant didn’t want to leave the ice water, I had to pull him out at 9 min. The reason? For first-time ice participants, we don’t want their exposure to be for longer then 7 min as a general guideline.

We recently held a Cold Therapy November charity event. It was amazing how with proper guidance during the class we had participants who have never been in ice before, who were not only able to hold the breath for 2 minutes but were able to be in the ice-filled cold pool with temperatures of 0 degrees Celsius. We were able to get it so cold because the pool was filled with water from the ocean. The salt enables the water to get colder and have a lower freezing point.

The best way to explain the science and feeling of Cold Therapy / Cold Thermogenesis is to experience it. However, below is a video animation that nicely explains the biochemistry from a technical paper published. Believe, the annimation is a lot easier to understand then the paper.

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