Recently our daughter Lily had her 3rd birthday. One of my greatest blessings and fulfilments in life, apart from my wife, has been our children. In this post, I am going to do my best to give a much, much simpler explanation of the science through describing personal experiences.

It is always best to pay attention to children because they have not been polluted with the ideas of civilization. They get polluted by Mom, Dad and school – when they get there. But I have never met a kid indigenously that likes blue-light technology and vegetables. Here is the reason why and my daughter is going to help explain.

When your child comes out your wife’s vagina, they don’t have any clothes on, their head has shrunk in the last trimester (when in a healthy and normal  process), in order to fit out the vagina. At the same time, the body acquires more fat. When your child comes out, he / she uses that fat, along with sunlight to myelinate their brain. Going back to vegetables, universally children hate vegetables because when you eat vegetables solely you can’t myelinate your brain. What is the job of your child? To become an adult to survive. To do so they have to myelinate their brain. It turns out they need proteins and fat to do so.

Children are very wise, as my daughter Lily is going to explain as to why she wears blue-blocking glasses when we go to the shops, and or watches a program (I will explain how the TV is modified too in another post) depending on the lighting environment. As I said, a child’s instinct is to develop their brain into an adult as quickly as possible. To develop the neurons and spidery connections to help them understand the world and build emotional security as quickly as possible. But how does science teach us this? Well think of it as you buying an orange tree to plant in your garden. Now should I go to Builders Warehouse and buy a plastic tarp, and install it over the tree, no matter how much water, compost and extra nutrients I give it, will it grow? The answer is NO. There is a magical relationship with the native FULL SPECTRUM light from the sun that is needed in order to let it grow.

This is where Albert Einstein’s famous equation of E=MC2 comes in. Everyone is taught to read it from left to right. However, my daughter Lily understands reading it from right to left. C2 means light, combined (multiplied) with M (matter / structure / your physical self), produces (equals = ) Energy. [ C2M = E ]  Thereby, Lily’s interaction with native FULL SPECTRUM light enables her to produce matter (her brain), and that E (energy / life / happiness). Remember, her job is to become an adult developed brain as quickly as possible. Thereby, she naturally will find ways to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Where do the glasses come in and relate to [ C2M = E ] ? The inverse of E=MC2 . The eye is an amazing and complex organ but, artificial light (blue light) has a very very small role to play in the eye. Part of the eye called the RPE (retinal pigment epithelium), it is like the blood brain barrier (BBB) for the brain. It helps keep the bad stuff out. Artificial blue-light, weakens and damages this. This damage impacts on Lily’s ability to develop faster, thereby affecting her neurochemistry and emotions.

As a result, when we go to the shop, Lily would ask to put her glasses on. This started a couple of months ago when she was still 2 years old. On the occasion I forget them, she would scold me and make me promise not to forget them again. A very interesting experience. Lily wants the glasses because it helps her brain get less impeded in development. Additionally, no child likes to cry or enter a state of confusion. Most parents today have trouble communicating with their kids, throwing the blame to, “they are teenagers”, “it’s hormones”, etc… they are half correct, in terms of if your child’s neurochemistry is being impacted from an external environmental source, then naturally how are they meant to be in a receptive state for you to have a conversation with them. I have had clients, as young as 3, to adults with ADD, ADHD, gaming and phone addiction. Once they implemented the designed recipe guess what happens within a short period? The addiction falls away, they are communicable, the ADD, ADHD falls away. A child is asking the parent to go to bed at 7pm. The teenager / young adult is no longer binge watching series, or staying in on the weekends to play on their Xbox. Instead they are wanting to go out and be outside engaged in activities.  

Still not convinced as a parent? Well here are a few basic questions:

  1. Does your child naturally go to bed at sunset (7pm), or is it a struggle for hours of fighting, and trying to get them to bed with them only falling asleep at 10pm or 11pm?
  2. Does your child wake up with the sunrise or do they fight and want to sleep in until late?
  3. Does your child have temper tantrums and emotional outbursts. Have trouble conversing with you?
  4. Does your child struggle to have a big breakfast?
  5. If your child is watching one of their favorite programs, is it easy to turn it off and have them engage in another activity or engage in going outside?

If your answer was no to all the above, this means there is an imbalance with the artificial light exposure to your child’s brain development relationship. Now, I’m not writing this trying to tell you how amazing I am and that you suck…believe me, I made a great deal of ‘blurb’-ups in my life, and I am just so happy to have learnt the science quick enough and built a cognitive bias toward nature. No, we are not hippies…. My contract with the Govt. is the invested money from you the Taxpayer, for me to develop these solutions and share them with you the public.

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