I get and appreciate the respect for all life. However, if you want to live close to a cell tower, or enjoy the frequent use fo your blue-lit bi-directional microwave transmitter, then the dad does not support your DOGMA. Vegans that love to preach like social media trolls, holding cardboard placards while wearing subglasses is a total load of BS, and I am going to explain why.

In the decades past, being Vegan, especially in the closer to equatorial solar regions, being Vegan was not a problem. Just look at India. In those circumstances going vegan required adding the sun to offset the deficits from food. There is some evidence that sun exposure increases endogenous production of B vitamins to help. However, the data demonstrates, the smart vegan will add shellfish (oysters, muscles) and the sun to offset all risks of this nutritional dogma. Convert from a Vegan to a Pescatarian. I mention shellfish, and I will highlight how this is actually a good pro-choice against climate change and pollution. I will cover a more detailed version in another post.

More and more studies are reporting Veganism and Vegetarianism linked to depression and other diseases. The downside, they don’t fully understand the physics of why this is the epigenetic case in our new environments.

Most modern plants have morphed and mutated to become “vegetables”. Animals reversed the photosynthetic process using sunlight as the catalyst. What enabled this evolution? Using DHA into all cell membranes with the exception of the inner mitochondrial membrane and using oxygen as the only terminal electron acceptor in mitochondria. This is needed to build an exclusion zone (EZ) to generate an electron protection barrier. In my previous post, I discussed how epigenetically traditional video gaming leads to mental illnesses, medical tragedies and school shootings. The same is with being Vegan and living close to a cell tower.
Eating vegetables chronically a poor solar environment is a poor way to capture certain light frequencies from the sun. This is the typical dogma for the vegan model in humans. This affects the colony of mitochondria in you capable of releasing the information and energy of the sun into your gut cells, via your microbiome and the mitochondria in your enterocytes locally. If you bury the solar frequencies as a vegan it leads to massive issues. Don’t believe me? Southern India is vegan compared to northern India. South India is on the equator. For thousands of year, they have flourished as vegans with no issues. However, since Southern India has become their version of Silicon Valley in the last 15 years, there has become a massive epigenetic shift because of the nnEMF exposure. India and China are getting massive amounts of type 1,2, and 3 diabetes (Alzheimer’s disease) in the vegan regions that westernizing with more technology, clothing, and less sun. Still not convinced, take a look around your vegans and technology today? What observation should you be seeing?

Then you have the Vegan sales marketers pushing DHA algal, another total BS story, this coupled with Omega-3 supplementation, another BS story. Why this recent paper published how the majority of DHA supplements are oxidized at time of consumption. Additionally, they contained Aldehydes. Aldehydes pose potentially serious health risks, even at very low intake volumes. Hmmm…….

Oh no… the story get’s worse. Vegans in a 5G world, their DHA is destroyed through destruction of their BAZAN effect and both loops are needed to replace DHA in their cell membranes. What this means, is that usually, in a non nnEMF environment, vegans in India did very well because their body had the ability to recycle DHA. However, in a 5G environment, this is destroyed. If you won’t evolve from a Vegan to a Shellfish (oysters, mussles) Pescatarian, and would rather waste money on buying aldehyde type of algal DHA, you are not doing yourself any favors in looking like a crazy person, because by medical definition when you deplete your DHA stores, you do become mentally ill and encounter medical tragedies.

P.S. Vegetables and shellfish (oysters, mussels) both emit UV light. Shellfish are different to fish. Consuming shellfish and promoting the agricultural growth and farming of them is actually a really good environmental strategy. Not only does it save the lives of other animals (cattle farming, fish nets mixed catch etc…) but they help promote alga growth, and are the oceans and rivers sewerage cleaners. They help clean up all the pollution crap. I will go into more detail into this on another post.

For those of you who better relate to banning cell towers and the health effects explained by VGCCs (Voltage-gated calcium channels), stay-tuned as future posts will explain how the destruction of DHA is more critically linked to VGCCs.