Reader’s summary:
1. Mitigation options
2. How the stress is caused in the brain and body.

This Christmas we got to enjoy some nostalgia of an 8 bit Nintendo TV games set. Some pros and cons to the gaming console:

Pros: Wired connection.
Cons: I didn’t have an adapter to filter it through the computer to filter the screen colour.

Instead, I employed some mitigation options in order for the wife, kids and I to enjoy some nostalgia. These were employed because there was no colour filter or screen filter installed because the console required going through the AV port (those yellow and white circular connections.)

Mitigation options

  1. Gaming is only during the daytime when full spectrum sunlight is available. The sliding door to the side was wide open to allow as much full spectrum light as possible. Remember, light that comes through your window vs an open window is different. Light through glass is the equivalent to artificial light. Try and test the difference.
  2. The UVA lights were on. You hear me talk a lot about this in my shows.
  3. The TV is grounded. If you don’t have an EMF spectrum analyzer, I highly recommend you rent or purchase one from Most modern TV’s no longer have a grounding cable supplied by default. As a result, the electric field emitted by a 55inch spans for up to 3 meters. There is a DIY hack I cover in my shows on how you are able to help this virtually disappear.
  4. My children, Lily and River, are wearing blue-blocking glasses. Blue-light filtering tech is equivalent from going from unfiltered to filtered cigarettes. It helps, but the best medicine is the outdoor sun. In future posts I will cover more on how evolve activities into the outdoor that normally are marketed as indoor.

Stress on the brain & body

Video games ruin neurotransmitters, melanopsin, and retinol function to destroy the circadian mechanism that leads to mood disorders, mental health issues, the rising opiate crisis and suicides in all groups afflicted by blue light & nnEMF stress. Don’t believe me? Check out this image below on how our eye and brain filter the light to a differnt part of our brain.

Before, of the nnEMF categories, the ranking that caused the biggest disruption to our body was blue-light, magnetic fields and then wireless microwave RF. With 5G in effect, this is no longer the ranking order. With video gaming in today’s world, there is an exposure of all three at the same time. Now it doesn’t seem so crazy why I had to implement all these mitigation options for my kids. However, the results speak for themselves. It was not difficult for them to put down the controller and go outside. This is something I will cover in more detail in a future post.

How is this an issue for other kids? SCREEN TIME and 2G-5G exposure. This combination, epidemiologically is what is stastically showing the onset of a medical tragedy or a school shooter, and it all falls on your conscious, as the parent. What does excessive man-made (non-native) blue light do to kids RPE (retinal pigment epithelium) in the eye from video games?
Geek talk: These kids are not getting in enough SN-2 DHA (check out on Khan Academy) via the Bazan effect long or short loops because of the chronic bombardment with blue light and nnEMF all day long. The result? Dehydrated cells and loss of DHA from tissues to ruin circadian signalling.
Non-geek: Their brains are more sensitive than adults which results in more frequent headaches and migraines and leads to mental illness. YES, this is really true! Blue light also lowers dopamine to make the kids addicted to the games. This is why Fortnite is more addictive than heroin for kids. Blue light destroys their melatonin levels destroying their sleep by freeing Vitamin A from melanopsin.

What are the further implications? Going back to the picture above and reading the small text, the surge of Prolactin is normally quite large in normal darkness but is significantly diminished in artificially lit environments after sunset. Check it out in this TED talk by Jesse Gamble [3 mins ]. P.S. notice how her talk is in red, this is for a very good reason. This has big implications for modern humans. The reason is that Prolactin release is coordinated with sleep cycles where autophagy is at its highest efficiency and where Growth Hormone is released. P.S. if you wonder why your kids aren’t growing taller, or not building muscle and putting fat or annorexia, perhaps this gives you a clue? If Prolactin & Growth Hormone  is diminished we generally see lower DHEA levels clinically and higher IL-6 levels on cytokine arrays (inflammation, getting fatter). Remember when we see lowered DHEA levels this sends a signal to our gut flora that something is amiss (leaky gut). It allows more permeability of our intestinal brush border to inflammation that destroys signalling. This is how one can measure of uncoupling of sleep from normal metabolism. When sleep is bad, you gain fat / inflammation. The 2017 Nobel Prize in circadian biology demonstrates the clock is the most important to humans. Why do you ask? Check out this paper, it may give you a clue to combating breast cancer [ Circadian Disruption and Breast Cancer: From Melatonin to Clock Genes ].

More to come in future posts and shows.