I will be moving part of my site to patreon [ patreon.com/jameslech ]. Why am I making this move. For the simple cost of a cup of coffee per month, patrons like yourself support persons like me develop and deliver content that is free of advertising. Meaning unfiltered content.

I will be sharing information within a private circle that is only shared with clients in their educational consults. This includes treatment protocols and other material that is discouraged from being published on the open public web due to administrative red tape issues.

On my jameslech.co.za site, my current content will remain but on patreon you will receive access to the latest podcasts and interviews I have with other publications on my work. It is also a learning platform for you to learn and engage

Promotional prizes

A big thank you to some of our supportive sponsors into this move:
Exclusive Books is giving away 8 x R100 vouchers to the first 8 South African patreon joiners.

Iris Tech, the leading blue-light filtering software for your devices is giving away 50 licenses to the first 50 patreon valued each at R250.

Additional entries & discounts

On my jameslech.co.za site I often have many prize giveaways but if you are a patreon member, you automatically get two additional entries. Plus, you get additional discounts on the store, and 10% off on your educational consults with me.

Engagement with my patreons

As a member, I will be personally engaging with your comments on the posts. Something I rarely do on other social media platforms.