I just got this story in my email and it is purely co-incidental with the recent events over the past week, and is freakin unbelievable.

Here is the interesting series of events that lead up to this story:
– Last week I was asked to represent a number of communities at the City of Cape Town bylaw amendments notification. The primary change was to allow free-reign roll-out of 5G. In practice, your neighbour or community place would be allowed to install transmitters on their roof, pointing at your space or installed on your lamp post directly outside your home. The communities represented were:
Camps Bay Ratepayers and Residents Association – Camps Bay, Bakoven, Clifton.
– Mitchell’s Plain / Christ End Time Ministries.
– Residents in the Avondale/ Parow constituency
– Residents in the Parklands constituency
– Residents of Fish Hoek constituency
The Cape Party
National Alliance Against Cell Masts
SASIM – SA Society of Integrative Medicine

  • On Tuesday I represented the Avondale/ Parow constituency on a permit appeal with WPP wishing to install a co-location tower in their area. The religious and heritage community won and the permit appeal was denied for a second time.
  • On that same morning, this fire occurred. I wish I heard it then because in the permit appeal I was speaking at, there was a great deal of discussion around churches and the popularity of transmitters being installed at the places of worship.
  • Then today I published an article “How diabetes limits your connection with God“.
  • Interestingly, I have been developing a series around this in the works but my wife brought it to my attention how Jesus said, “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations’? But you have made it a den of robbers” (Mark 11:17). Let me make it clear, I am not calling telecommunication providers robbers, from my understanding of the definition, the placement of such business activities is in contravention of this proclamation. But you will find a dedicated article to this.

In the latest SA Govt. study on nnEMF jump conduction was highlighted. Jump conduction was discussed in detail at my presentation to the City of Cape Towns Electricity Dept. CPD talk. Then at both recent municipalities public hearings, I presented at, I again brought up the issues of Jump Conduction this story above being a predicted reality. I hope you all realize that one of the things that have me concerned about our AC power grid in combination with the power density of wireless technology in the 4G and specifically 5G is jump conduction. This means waves forms with unusual topology and frequencies can jump from the 5G network directly on to conductors like the power grid.

This story is no shocker to those who understand the bio-physics of magnetic fields and incident light. This is how aurora’s are created and it aappears how 4G and 5G create fires. Interested on learning more.

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