A Consulting Scientist, what he does, he “tells” Attorneys, Doctors, Architects and related professionals, the ones who are SMART enough to listen, what to do. So they can help their client’s | patients | community “WIN”.

James is a passionate dad with his superhero team of Lily, River, Pebble (service puppy in training) and Mom. They are all a critical component that makes up James’s drive and ability to study and find solutions to the problems associated with Mitochondria, Chronobiology and nnEMF (blue-light, magnetic fields, powerlines, cell towers etc…). As a result of his passion and support, he holds successes in Magistrate, Equality, High Court, and the Human Rights Commission.

James is the recipient of numerous national awards, a chronobiologist, quantum biologist and scientist. A doctoral candidate in biophysics / sub-molecular medicine, and in pursuit of a second doctorate in law.

His areas of expertize are:

  • Chronobiology
  • Quantum biology
  • Child brain development
  • Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome (EMFIS), Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) recovery and rehabilitation
  • Disability, insurance and labour claims
  • Policy development
  • EMF geospatial modelling
  • Medical
  • Legal procedures
  • Chronobiology Hygiene
  • Coaching & rehabilitation: gaining control and order over your EMFIS
  • Integration into society as best as possible
  • Public talks

More details…

In his previous thesis [ click here for download ] he was contracted by the South African (SA) Govt. to model the potential effects non-native Electromagnetic Field (nnEMF) radiation has on the population.

Several regulatory and legislative bodies have been presented the research findings. A number of Organs of State have provided favorable reviews in support for further research by Mr. Lech, to be used in the development of new legislative development, improving soldier performance, training and military medical health services. James has demonstrated in Equality, Magistrate, High Court, and Human Rights Commission, nnEMF having the capacity to effect biological functions.

The summary extracted comments from the reivews are as follows: his work is ground-breaking and novel; request assistance in amending existing legislation and or aid development in drafting new legislation; sets a scientific standard for assessing the seriousness of the environmental impact; presents the benefit of a more rigorous and fact based standard to assist in achieving transparent and accountable government in South Africa; highly aligned with national priorities; highly aligned with national strategies; requested to aid in improving soldier performance, training and military medical health services.

In his previous thesis an almost Herculean task: first to develop a geospatial model of exposure to various pollutant emissions from sources of nnEMFs of special interest; second to establish a framework under which exposure patterns can be mapped into potential health risks for the public; and third to demonstrate that results warrant a legislative public interest override (PIO) procedure to be established in order to gain systematic information about sources of exposure and measurement data. All these steps are complex and required sufficient knowledge from diverse fields such as dosimetry, wave propagation physics, geospatial modelling, epidemiology, medicine, risk analysis, legal procedures, finance, and informatics.

Mr. Lech presented the use of a HYGEIA model used in forecasting the effects of environmental change on human health and human environment interactions. An innovative approach not yet been applied to the nnEMF issue. It makes use of the MIMES (multiscale integrated models of ecosystem services) framework and dynamic GIS modelling.

To date, the research has presented evidence of a new problem space in South Africa qualifying it as a legislative Public Interest Override of ‘substances released into the environment’ and ‘public safety or environmental risk’.

He loves sharing his knowledge by teaching group classes in Cold Therapy (Cold Thermogenesis), in Cape Town, South Africa.