The biological physics (quantum coherence) for children is drastically different to adults. Their interaction and absorption are dramatically greater because of the physics interaction with non-native EMF (nnEMF) in the environment. This includes the state of your mitochondria before you decide to have children and then as they develop in the womb. Epigenetics is different to Darwin’s genetics. Our environment directly affects our genes through the effect on our mitochondria. Each child is born with their own unique mitochondrial programming which is inherited from the state of their parents while conceived and developed. nnEMF have a powerful non-linear cascading effecting on our mitochondria and thereby health. Doctors patients records are showing a high influx of mitochondrial dysfunction related cases. This has to do with a change in physics in our environment from nnEMF. The change in a variety of ways slow erosions of the mammalian battery of a multidimensional approach. Therefore, younger generations are getting sicker faster, with more serious diseases.

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