Buzzy Wraps – natural beeswax food wraps

Say goodbye to cling wrap and hello to Buzzy Wraps. In today’s episode I interview Darren from Buzzy Wraps [ ], a natural beeswax food wraps. I cover the science that occurred in his brain’s neurochemistry that enabled him the ability to develop this product. I also discuss the extremes battering and testing I put this Eco-Vegan product

Prize giveaway – Having a Güdsheet

Finally a biodegradable toilet paper soft for one’s bottom, great for the environment and awesomely giving to those in need. In today’s episode, I interview Ruan from Gudco [ ] on the Güdsheet. I talk behind the science on what is needed environmentally to have a Güdsheet, along with how to increase one’s longevity in having a Güdsheet. The ease

ep 30 – SuperDads – SARS – R&D Tax Incentives

Today I am at the South African Revenue Service (SARS) of South Africa. I sit down with Mr Andrew Wes one of the panel review members. SARS and the Dept. of Science and Technology (DST) put together a great support and incentive package for research and development in South Africa. The incentive packageprovides: A deduction equal to 150% of expenditure

Super Dads – Prize Giveaway – Cape Cola – what the original Cola recipe was, a tonic

Lasse from Cape Cola introduces me to a Vegan, sugar-free, caffeine, made from natural ingredients to give you a Cola that serves as a tonic as well. I really enjoyed talking with Lasse, I cracked the jokes on quality assurance regarding Cape Cola, “Made by Germans”. End of story, because you know, when it is German made

Super Dads – Prize Give Away – Stasher – A Man’s Tupperware party

Jared from Stasher shares a Man’s Tupperware party with me. Talk about progressive, women have climbed to taking over the world and us Men have been forced to having the Tupperware parties.  The positive outcome of all of this is that the Men, have caught onto Kat Nouri, woman and founder of Stasher, has come up with

Super Dads – Dr Lou Pistorius – Fetal Medicine & Autism

Dr. Lou Pistorius from Maternal Fetal Medicine owns a practice that focuses on the extra specialized fetalsscans. He is the person you see when you want to check that everything is in check and in order with your bun in the oven. With specialized scanning equipment and the skills set to match.  I also discuss some of the latest research

Talk @ SA Society of Integrative Medicine, CPT

I will be giving a talk at the South African Society of Integrative Medicine, on 12 February 2019 @ 18:30. Title: non-native electromagnetic fields (nnEMF), the leading non-linear causing agent to obesity, diabetes and neolithic diseases. Venue: Malachite Centre, crn Heerengracht & Walter Sisulu Avenue, Cape Town. Directions: Enter CTICC parking garage P3 from Nelson