Parliament – National Assembly

Mr. Lech provides a unique and gifted approach to solving problems and addressing issues that have been neglected to a large degree. He has had useful experience and developed practical skills with regard to transferring academic knowledge into real-world application. I have been working with Mr. Lech as he has been researching avenues to make

Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa

The thesis research findings were presented to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) of South Africa in 2017. The research “gave us (ASA) insight into his concerns around the marketing of cell phones to children”. The research “alerted us (ASA) to a number of factors that we were not aware of, and most usefully for our

Review of thesis by Rhodes University

The James Lech thesis was constructively reviewed by: Two supervisors, Head of Department, Dean of Science, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for R&D Examined by Two internationally recognized specialist Professors in the domain. “Their role was to review and provide constructive input before the study is to provide information to the public space, in as ethical and unbiased

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

A workshop (16-19 October 2018) held at the South African Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DoJCD) deliberated that the non-native electromagnetic field (nnEMF) study had demonstrated a public interest override function of ‘substances released into the environment’ and ‘public safety or environmental risk’. The workshop had attendees from Dept. of Defense, Railway Safety Regulator,