non-native EMF (nnEMF), detracts from performance, recovery and health. Homes are a place we spend a lot of our time in. The number one priority is sleep. Sleep is the most important because it is the time we regenerate. You need to focus on where you sleep first. The degree to which you would make the sleep environment pristine and ideal is dependant on your sensory surroundings.

Sleep, recovery and performance is a 3-tier stand:

  1. Analogue level: receptor-mediated response i.e., the 5 or 6 senses.
  2. Digital level: nervous system level.
  3. Quantum coherent level: research shows it as the most important part. It is the hardest level to understand. Many of the basic fundamental principles are counter-intuitive but, the practical applications for sleep and recovery and easy to follow.

We are biologically engineered to respond to native EMF, i.e. the sun. Did you know the Sphinx also looks to the east? Photonics or electronics is an ancient meme. Too many people worry about their calorie intake and insulin and not the blue light and nnEMF that drive them both.

There are many effective and scientific solutions explained by physics available. Your current state of health and work/lifestyle risk exposure with nnEMF will determine the appropriate solution. For example, doctors and their assistants who perform surgery, especially with installing instruments are at huge nnEMF exposure risks daily. Such work requires the creation of a home man/woman recovery ‘cave’, with effictive solutions to enable recovery and improved performance. Failure to do so will lead to healthcare burdens as one ages.

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