The office and work environment is a place we all spend a considerable part of our lives. Within these environments, there can be a whole host of nnEMF (non-native EMF) hazardous conditions. When exposed to these environments, they can spur a cascade of nonlinear biological effects. In turn, bringing about a spur of mitochondrial-related diseases. For example, the heart, neurodegenerative diseases and auto-immune diseases. DiabetesSA, reports diabetes as the second leading cause of death in South Africa. Did you know that carbohydrates shouldn’t be your primary concern of focus but instead your exposure to nnEMF. nnEMF exposure alters glucose and insulin metabolism in the brain. Epigenetic reviews have found even when a person follows a strict diet or even avoids certain foods when they have exposure to nnEMF they still experience a change in their glucose, resulting in a cascading nonlinear effect.

The good news is that solutions are implementable and you do not have to request them alone but can request the assistance from your Union, HR or approach the CCMA.

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